There are 100s and 1000s of ordinary people just like you and me, who are profiting and making big bucks online merely by creating the right kind of videos.

The reason videos aren’t working for you is that you’ve probably created the wrong kind of videos all along!

Fact is, viewers attention span is VERY short…

…and if you’re creating longer, boring videos…no matter how pretty your animation is…no one is going to watch them.

Even the social media giant, Facebook, admits it.

According to Facebook, videos that are less than 15 seconds long are guaranteed to get you more views.

More views mean more traffic and hence more sales!

The answer has always been “Short-Videos”.

Short-videos are the fastest way to…

…create engaging content for all your social media profiles

…to build an email list

…to get more attention to your “message” online

…and to make a passive income online in this new decade.


How To Earn $200 a day... FREE Video

VideoReel Futures

  • Create short & long animated videos by simply editing a template

  • Short-Videos are known to capture user attention better than text or images. Use shorter videos to get your message across, get more visibility, more likes, shares and engagements.


  • Leverage the viewer’s small attention span to quickly get them to view and take action using shorter videos.


  • Comes packed with 175 templates, including Intro & Outro templates. All templates are 100% customizable


  • Comes packed with Commercial license, giving buyer ability to use for clients and sell videos created using VideoReel.


  • 3 Steps Process: Choose from 175 different templates, Customize by editing text, images, video clips, music, voice-over, text-to-speech, colour and more and finally download video or publish on Facebook or YouTube.


  • Creates gorgeous videos for your marketing, for local-businesses, social media posts, user engagement, Video Ads, announcements, to get your message across and more.


  • Comes packed with millions of copyright-free images to use in our image library.

  • Comes packed with thousands of copyright-free video-clips to use as background in our VideoLibrary.


  • Comes packed with 1000+ background music in our music library.

  • Record your voice-overs or use our custom built Text-to-Speech feature.

  • Upload and publish videos natively on Facebook Pages and/or YouTube from the dashboard. You can even download the videos and use/upload them anywhere you want to.


  • Videos can go viral because they’re shorter and get your message across quickly.

  • Make money from Facebooks Video Revenue sharing program.


  • Create 100s of traffic pulling videos in any niche you choose, with just one click and distribute them around the Facebook or YouTube

  • Add your video clips into the mix.

  • Post your videos not just to Facebook but also on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other hot traffic networks from our mobile app.


  • Fully customize all items in your video to make it exactly how you need…

  • professional animation, music, text, images, video clips, and more!

  • Quickly turn your ‘me-too’ social media posts & updates into rich interactive video ones to break through the social media noise for easy traffic

  • No extra money, creativity, or time needed, unlike other video creation platforms.

  •  VideoReel acts as your own ‘media agency’ saving thousands each month.

  • 100% in TOS. Unlike other tools, VideoReel is 100% in compliance with all social media whitehat practices for creating and publishing videos.

VideoReel Bonuses

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Course Engagement

Discover how boosting course completion rates and engagement can double your backend sales!


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Instant Video Creator

​Give Your Web Site a Live touch – instantly add streaming video to their web site without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services or paying costly monthly fees! Instant Video Creator is a revolutionary new software that allows multiple users to create their videos under their own accounts. Not only can you use it to create just your own streaming videos, but you can also start your own service where you charge a monthly fee to host such videos for your customers.

Project Genius

​​Project Genius is very easy to use. You can get started with it right away. The software will explain every step in the process, take you by the hand, and make the process obvious to you. There is a real methodology behind this. You will not have to study this methodology: It will come naturally to you, thanks to Project Genius.

Instant Article Page Builder

​​Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Instantly Turn Any Text Article Into A Complete Ready To Upload Web Page! In the internet marketing industry, content is king and one of the best content media is articles. Articles may be persuasive in many factors like in thoughts and on the other side on the design of the webpage who delivered the content. That’s why using the text format is not recommended in sharing your articles online but in a web (HTML) format. Now, if you are not good at doing web programming or working with HTML, inside this product is an amazing tool that will help you instantly convert your text article into a web format ready to be uploaded to your server.

eProfit Generator

​​Completely Automate The Entire Sales & Product Delivery Process For All Of Your PayPal Based Sites in 7 Minutes or Less – No Programming Skills Required! This Could Be The Easiest System Ever Put Together To Automate All Of Your sales site Processes From PayPal IPN To Emailing Your Customers, Handling Downloads, And More!

Covert Conversion Pro

​Catapult Your Profits And Your ROI With The Powerful New Software That Tells You Without Fail What Makes Money And What Does Not! Ever wish you had a money-making crystal ball? Well, who needs it when you have this in your marketing arsenal! In a world where online marketers scratch and claw for diminishing returns you can grab the upper hand and profit like wild anytime you please – starting right now!

Affiliate Promo Machine

​Discover how any of your associates, affiliates or joint venture partners can easily and effortlessly promote any of your launch products instantly with a powerful and easy to use promo page builder software to convert sales.

Traffic Generating Resources

​Who Else Wants To Discover How To Write Salesletters That Will Force Your Readers To Buy Now…This FREE Yet Power-Packed Report Will Show You Exactly How To Write A Winning Salesletter So You Can Make More Sales and Attract More Optin Subscribers. In this report, you’ll discover: How to structure your sales letter in a way that will make your prospects …

Pinterest Business Boards

​Free Marketing report – Pinterest Business Boards looks at the following topics: – What Is Pinning and Repinning? – Following – Adding comments – Using Pinterest For Business – Share Your Business Philosophy through Images – Make Your Pins Stand Out – Connect with Your Customers and Potential Customers – Driving Traffic to Your Site with Pinterest.

Turnkey Course Store

​This is very easy to use. You can get started with it right away. The software will explain every step in the process, take you by the hand, and make the process obvious to you. There is a real methodology behind this. You will not have to study this methodology: It will come naturally to you, thanks to Project Genius.

3 Done For You Videos with Reseller

​Get 3 commercial grade Done-For-You videos that you can use for your business or for your clients. Each comes with complete resell and white label rights.

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