Antares Trade Review – BIG Income Opportunity

Antares Trade Review is a project that investors all over the world are interested in and are investing very strongly. The attraction that Antares Trade is creating is derived from the clear operation of a company in Hong Kong with the leadership of famous project executives, the project language is quite diverse with many other languages. each other including India, Vietnamese . Designing a professional, smooth site plus long-term battle policies will be an even better opportunity for investors to participate now and be profitable.

I. Features of Antares Trade Review

  • Official launch: March 11, 020.
  • Port acceptance: USD (PM), Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)
  • Minimum investment: 100 $ ~ 100 Antares Dollar
  • Minimum withdrawal  10 $ – Only withdraw up to 10 times / month.
  • Withdrawal: Manual, maximum payment within 48 hours
  • Interest paid: 7 days / week.
  • Payback: No, it’s included in interest.
  • No identity verification required

II. Antares Trade packages

  • Currently you can invest in packages of $ 100, $ 250, $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 2500, and $ 5000
  • Each package will have the same interest rate and vary from day to day depending on the operational situation of the company, ranging from 1.01% – 2% daily .
  • You can upgrade low pack to high pack.
  • Leader participating in Antares Trade project should choose the appropriate investment package to receive% from online investment as well as the highest% from binary. See the picture below for details.
  • Interest packages with an investment of $ 10,000 will begin to open on the dates on the interest rate package listed, this is a project with a roadmap so the interest rate packages opened will not be as rampant as other projects.

III. Make money with Antares Trade Review

  • You can only make money with Antares Trade when you invest a minimum of $ 100 .
  • You will get bonuses from investing in online and binary bonus depends on the amount of money you invest. Details you see at the interest package are fully recorded.
In addition to the basic bonus you also get a lot of other bonuses, generally if you have the system the bonus is not missing.
  • Linear Bonus : Give partners the opportunity to earn% when selling investment packages.
  • Mentor Bonus : Received on completion of certain conditions to achieve career status.
  • Binary Bonus : Receive for a certain amount of sales in your own affiliate network.
  • Office Bonus  : Provide an additional 1.8% commission     on the total amount of all investment packages that are related to the consulting center within a radius of 200 kM
  • Bonus reputation  – monthly the company allocates 20% of profits to pay bonuses and stimulate partners.

IV. Investment guide at Antares Trade

1. Sign up for an account

Note :

  • It is required to have a sponsor to register an account , so you must click on the link above of HyipOla.
  • After entering the registration email, you go to the email to click the registration activation link, when successful registration you continue to enter the email click the account activation link.
  • When registering you need to fill in the secret pin, remember this pin to withdraw money.
  • No mandatory identity verification, KYC is only used when there is an account dispute, account recovery
2. Recharge account
To top up, go to Dashboard >> Top up balance at “Start Wallet” .

Select the loading port >> Click Interchange >> Select “I agree ….” >> Add Fund .

3. Conducting investment
To invest you in Finance >> Buy investment package >> Click “Buy” at the package you want to buy .
To check your interest package, go to Finance >> My investment package .
Here you can upgrade your interest package to a higher one by clicking Expand the package >> Select the port with sufficient balance with the amount of package increase >> Expand the package .

Click Increase

Click ” Okay. Thank you “. IMBR invested $ 250 on April 21, 2021 .

4. Withdraw money
To withdraw money, go to Dashboard >> Withdraw funds at “Bonus Wallet” .

5. Internal transfer function

  • Each member will have a unique ID, at Dashboard >> You check your information will have “Your ID” .
  • To transfer internal money you go to Finance >> Internal transactions >> Enter the ID of the payee >> Enter the amount you want to transfer >> Enter PIN CODE >> Enter the content >> Make a transaction .
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